Cloning a Design

Treat designs as templates by cloning an existing design to modify and build upon.

Steps to cloning a design from Catalog using MeshMap

  1. Switch to MeshMap Designer mode, if not already in it.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click the “Catalog” menu tab.
  3. Select a design from the list that appears in the panel.
  4. A modal will pop up requesting you to clone (create a copy of) the design you’ve selected.

Copy of a Design

This will create a copy of the catalog item to a new design, now owned by you.

  1. Click “clone” and a copy of the design will appear on your MeshMap canvas. You can then configure the design to suit your purposes.
  2. Find your newly cloned design in the list of designs in the left navigation panel.

Copy of a Design

You are now free to deploy it as it is or modify it further.

Last modified April 22, 2024: initiatlize cloning-a-design page (11f1b6a)