Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn the keyboard shortcuts for Meshmap to enhance your designing experience.

Meshmap provides several keyboard shortcuts to improve your design workflow. These shortcuts can help you quickly perform various actions and tasks. Here is a list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts:

Designer Shortcuts

As a designer in Meshmap, you can take advantage of various keyboard shortcuts to streamline your design process. These shortcuts are designed to help you perform common actions quickly and efficiently:

  • : Add a comment to the selected node.
  • + : Copy the selected node or collection into your clipboard.
  • : Select all nodes on the canvas.<a
  • + or + (on Mac): Delete the selected node or collection of nodes from the canvas.
  • + : Paste a node or collection of nodes from your clipboard.
  • + + : Create a selection box to select multiple nodes by dragging your mouse over an area.
  • + : Undo your last create or delete action.
  • + or + : Redo your last create or delete action.
  • or + : Open the context menu to choose an action to perform.
  • : Close any open menus or dialogs.

These designer shortcuts are essential for a smooth and efficient design workflow within Meshmap.

Visualizer Shortcuts

Meshmap’s visualizer provides a set of keyboard shortcuts to enhance your experience when working with the visualized data. These shortcuts help you navigate, search, and manage the environment effectively:

  • + + : Create a selection box to select multiple nodes in Visualizer by dragging your mouse over an area.
  • + (mouse): Select multiple nodes individually.
  • + (Backtick key): Opens the terminal window for interactive console sessions or log viewing.
  • (Forward Slash): Search your environment for MeshMap elements matching your criteria.
  • (Backtick key): Close the Visualizer Terminal when it’s open.

These visualizer shortcuts are designed to streamline your interactions with the visualized data and provide you with the tools you need for efficient navigation and management.

Searching for Components

Meshmap offers a powerful search feature that allows you to find specific components based on various criteria, such as object name, kinds, and namespaces. Here are the steps to effectively search for components in your Meshmap environment:

  1. Start typing your search query, such as the object name, kinds, or namespaces you’re interested in. As you type, Meshmap will dynamically filter and display components that match your criteria.

  2. By clicking on a keyword or component in the search results, you can further filter out the components to focus on specific items.

This search functionality makes it easy to quickly locate and access the components you need in your Meshmap environment.