Starting from a published design

Published designs are available from the Layer5 Cloud catalog. Published designs are a collection of curated, reusable solutions to the most common problems in cloud and cloud native infrastructure management.

Starting from a published design is a quick way to get started with a popular stack or solution.

Exploring the Design Catalog

For your convenience, the design catalog can be accessed from three locations:

  1. From the Catalog tab in MeshMap Designer.

    MeshMap Design Catalog

  2. From the Layer5 Cloud catalog page at Layer5 Cloud Catalog.

    Layer5 Cloud Catalog

  3. From the Meshery Catalog page at Meshery Catalog.

    Meshery Catalog

Cloning a Design

To start from a design, select and create a clone of the design. If you are on the MeshMap design page, click on the chosen design from the Catalog tab. This will present a popup to clone the design, click Clone to begin.

Copy of a Design

This will create a copy of the catalog item to a new design, now owned by you.

Copy of a Design

You are now free to deploy it as it is or modify it further.

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