Starting from a Helm Chart

Create a MeshMap design from a Helm Chart.

Helm helps you manage Kubernetes applications. Helm Charts help you define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes application. Starting a MeshMap design from a Helm chart is another way to get started with an entire application stack.

Jump start your MeshMap design by importing your existing Helm Charts.


Importing a Design

Click the Import Design option under the Designs tab in MeshMap.

Copy of a Design

Next, provide a name under Design File Name (1), set the Design Type to Helm Chart and paste the URL (3) to the location of the Helm chart package in .tgz format.

This example uses the Meshery Server helm chart at

Copy of a Design

You should now have MeshMap design of the chart.

Copy of a Design

Continue to make any changes if required or deploy it.

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