User Management

Efficiently manage and organize users within Layer5 Cloud with our comprehensive user management capabilities.

There are three essential aspects of user management:

  • Create User
  • Add User/ Remove User
  • Invite User

Create User

Seamlessly initiate new user accounts, ensuring a smooth onboarding process. Specify user details, such as email, and tailor their access by adding them to one or more organizations. Optionally assign roles, defining their scope within the platform. Complete the process by sending a personalized account setup email, streamlining the user’s introduction to Layer5 Cloud.

Create User

Add User/ Remove User

Add or remove users from the selected organization.

  1. Navigate to the Users tab in the Identity section.
  2. Click the Add User button.
  3. Select the organization to which you want to add the user.
  4. Select the user from the list of available users.
  5. From below chips, click on cross icon to remove the user from the organization.
Add User

Flow for organization and team membership

Invite User

Invite users to join your organization. Specify the user’s name and email address and tailor their involvement by adding them to organizations and teams, optionally assigning predefined roles.

Last modified March 1, 2024: Update (bc4378b)