Notification Preferences

Manage your notifications on Layer5 Cloud

Layer5 Cloud offers a range of user-configurable preferences that allows you to control the types of email notifications you receive.

How to set your notifications preferences

To change the notification preferences

  1. Sign into Layer5 Cloud

  2. Visit Account > Preferences

  3. Under “Notifications,” choose what notifications you want to receive:

    • Acknowledgment: You’ll receive notifications about badges you’ve been awarded and related updates.

    • Approval Requests: You’ll be notified about Workspace, Account, Permissions, Catalog

    • Organization Activity: When this is checked, you’ll be notified when

      • you’re added or invited to a new organization
      • you’re removed from an organization
      • a new user is added, invited to, or removed from your organization (provided that your organization admin has enabled notifications for these updates to be sent to organization members).
    • Workspace Activity: You can choose to be notified about:

      • Changes to Designs
      • Comments on Your Designs: Check this box to receive notifications for all new comments on your designs. Unchecking this box will disable all comment notifications. If you prefer to keep this box checked but wish to stop receiving notifications for a specific comment thread, you can directly mute notifications for that thread in the comment modal. You can learn more about this feature.
      • Deployment in environments
      • Membership Changes: team membership, user account creation/deletion
      • Participating, @mentions in comments: Learn more
      • Weekly summary
  4. Click Save Preferences

You can opt out of all email notifications by toggling the button located on the right side of the Notifications.

Last modified March 15, 2024: Update (d1c15dd)