Each user account represents an individual collaborator. Individual user accounts exist beyond the bounds of organizations.

User Accounts

Every person who uses Layer5 Cloud signs into a user account. Your user account is your identity on Layer5 Cloud and has a username and profile. For example, see Five’s profile.

Your user account can own resources such as workspaces, designs, connections, credentials, tokens, Any time you take any action on Layer5 Cloud such as creating a design or reviewing a deployment request, the action is attributed to your user account.

Each user account is subscribed to a plan: Free, Team, or Enterprise. All user accounts can own an unlimited number of public and private workspaces, with an unlimited number of collaborators on those workspaces. If you use Layer5 Free, private workspaces owned by your user account have a limited feature set. You can upgrade to Layer5 Enterprise to get a full feature set for private workspaces.

Teams allow you to organize users into groups and conveniently assign access to workspaces or to assign roles with associated keychains and keys to control permissions.

Organizations may have any number of teams and teams may have any number of users. User accounts are treated as sovereign entities that are owned by individual individuals, not by corporations.

Organization and teams may have any number of users accounts. User accounts are treated as sovereign entities that are owned by individual individuals, not by corporations.

Users and their tokens may be authorized to access resources. Users can be created and managed by the Provider Admins, Organization Admins, or Team Admins. Users of one organization may be granted access to resources (e.g. Workspaces and Designs) of another organization. User entitlement, roles and permissions are org-scoped, meaning that the entitlements and permissions that a given user has in one organization does not necessarily reflect the same level of access that their membership in another oganziation does.

User Management

Efficiently manage and organize users within Layer5 Cloud with our comprehensive user management capabilities.

Default User Permissions

Complete list of default permissions granted to all users.

Notification Preferences

Manage your notifications on Layer5 Cloud