Creating a Design from Meshery Catalog Templates

With this guide, you can create amazing cloud native designs for your infrastructure from already available templates in the meshery catalog.

Meshery Catalog functions much like a cloud marketplace, providing a user-friendly interface for browsing, discovering, and sharing configurations and patterns for cloud native infrastructure. With Meshery Catalog, you can easily find,clone and deploy Kubernetes-based infrastructure and tools, making it easy to streamline your cloud native development and operations processes.

Cloning a design from a template in the Meshery Catalog

  1. Sign into Layer5 Cloud
  2. Explore the catalogs located in the menu section.
  3. Search by technology or type and find the best template for your infrastructure. You will already see some of the information just by hovering on it.
  4. For detailed information just click on it.
  5. Simply click the green clone button.
  6. Now you have it. Navigate to Meshery Playground
  7. Go to the MeshMap and you will see your cloned template here. If you con’t see it just reload the page.

You can also publish your own design as a template.

Last modified February 18, 2024: Fixing typos (b3d5ddb)