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Layer5 Cloud provides a powerful platform for managing and deploying your cloud infrastructure with flexibility and ease.

Understanding the Meshery Ecosystem

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Layer5 Cloud (docs) is an identity provider and global console for Meshery deployments with an extensible and highly flexible authorization framework, tenant entitlement services, service provider-grade organizational hierarchy, team workspace management and a content catalog for public and private hosting of cloud native architectures. Layer5 Cloud is available as a service or self-hosted.

Meshery (docs) is a cloud native manager that enables the design and management of Kubernetes-based infrastructure and applications. It is an extensible developer platform that seamlessly integrates with all CNCF projects, and various monitoring, CI/CD, and security tools.

MeshMap (docs) provides a visual interface that allows users to create and edit Kubernetes manifests, charts and pipelines, as well as monitor the performance and health of their clusters. MeshMap aims to simplify the complexity of Kubernetes and make it accessible to more users, similar to how Figma democratized design tools for web and mobile applications.

Getting Started

Learn how to effectively manage your organizations, teams, users, workspaces, environments, and more.


An overview of Layer5 Cloud concepts and their relationships.


Organizations, Teams, Users


The Cloud Catalog is a web-based, public catalog to facilitate easy sharing and discovery of common cloud native architectures and design patterns.


Tokens, Keychains, Keys, Roles


Meshery Spaces serve as a gathering point for your team-based work by grouping resources and controlling their access.


Show your user how to work through some end to end examples.


Keep your MeshMap designs internal to your workplace. Get remote support from Layer5 when you need it.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions with Meshery automates the synchronization of Git repositories and visually validates pull requests for efficient development.


References for using Layer5 Cloud’s various features and components.

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